Wreaths Around Ridgefield

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About Wreaths Around Ridgefield

During the first week of January 2007, Katie and I went on a photo journey around Ridgefield Connecticut snapping pics of various festive homes and locations.

We started out from downtown Ridgefield, headed out towards Ridgebury area via Limestone Road, past the former McKeon farm, then into Danbury for sandwiches at Milano’s Gourmet Deli on Mill Plain Road (not pictured but you can call them at 203.744.6141 as they have some of the best sandwiches in the area).

With sandwiches in hand, we came back through Ridgebury out to the High School at 793 North Salem where we checked on Anne and Roger’s home – this is where some of the inside shots like the Nutcracker were taken.

Then we drove back into town by heading out towards the Ridgefield Inn, past the Fountain and then made our way back down Main Street – just as it was starting to get dark.

In all, 137 pictures were snapped, but I’ve edited it down to the 44 you see here. It was very difficult to edit as there were so many beautifully decorated homes, but we think you’ll agree, the various Houses of Worship, Keeler Tavern, and homes on Main Street were particularly splendid.

Note: that these photos were originally published back in 2007 as part of Bohemian Chic Reports on both CoolTea Beat and Ridgefield Talks sites. Back then there were 59 photos shown and the images were in a web program called Gallery – technically I prefer the way WordPress handles images but I digress.

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Gallery of Wreaths Around Ridgefield Photos

Below are forty-four photos of holiday wreaths around Ridgefield Connecticut just after New Years Day 2007 – enjoy!



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