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NetworkingU – Realities of Funding Deals

CoolTea Door Chics - Suzanne Vick and Katie Scott

Article that appeared in the Fairfield County Business Journal about the CoolTea NetworkingU Oct 7th 2004 Event – The Realities of Funding Deals in Today’s Economy. The venture capital quotes then are just as valid for today’s entrepreneurs looking for funding – enjoy!

Arts and Leisure Feature in Ridgefield Press

Chuck Scott Featured in Ridgefield Press Arts and Leisure Article Jan2008

Guess who was featured in the January 17th Arts and Leisure Section – yours truly 🙂 Sorry no time to create text version but I did create this jpg version that you can read here. As an fyi, I thought Fran Sikorski did an awesome job in looping the Dec 11th CoolTea Songwriting event, Frankie […]

Reverse Car Jacking on Main Street

Reverse Carjacking by Chuck Scott

Reverse Car Jacking on Main Street by Chuck Scott is a true account witnessed in Ridgefield Connecticut when a car was returned to its owner via a spontaneous act of love. It was hard to believe what happened until it was over, since I had never heard of a Reverse Car Jacking.

CoolTea Music Expoganza

On March 26th 2006, I hosted my first CoolTea Music Expoganza in Ridgefield Connecticut. It was the first time I held a business event on a Sunday and the first time I created an event model that was family friendly. It was a very successful event on many levels but perhaps the most rewarding part was the expressions of the younger attendees.